SQL Server 2008 R2 SP3 and SQL Server 2008 SP4

Today Microsoft released SP3 for SQL Server 2008R2 and SP4 for SQL Server 2008. If you’re running either of these platforms, you might want to go out and grab the installers to keep your environment. As these products are both now in extended support, there will be no more CU’s released for either of these products. However, both of these versions have some important security updates. Details around SP4 for 2008 are available here and details for SP3/2008R2 are here.

Once you’ve read through them, go install the SP’s! SP4/2008 can be downloaded here and SP3/2008R2 can be downloaded here.



Visual Studio Update 4 Released

Microsoft has released Update 4 for Visual Studio 2012. One of the major issues that’s plagued SSIS developers since VS2012 for BI came out has been that as you move components around on the control and/or data flow, the components would “snap” to the top left of the designer and it became difficult to develop and move components around. This issue appears to have been fixed in this latest update, which is really really good news.


The update is available here.


I’m curious if anyone is still seeing this issue after updating, please let me know if you are!