BIML: Columbus SQL Server User Group

I am pleased to announce that I’ll be presenting on BIML for the Columbus SQL Server User Group on December 11th at the Microsoft Polaris office in Westerville, OH. If you’re located in or around the central OH area, please consider joining us! Here is a link to the chapter website.

Rethink your ETL with BIML

It’s estimated that 70% of data warehousing development is in ETL (extract, transformation, and load) between the different source systems, your data warehouse, and/or your data mart. Recently a new tool has entered the marked that promised to revolutionize the way we think about ETL processes. Gone are the days where we need to manually code every component, every event handler, and painstakingly ensure that every package adheres to corporate standards. In this session, Chris and Harsh will introduce you to the world of BIML and how it can change your world. We’ll show you how to quickly create a template in BIML that will make sure all of your packages adhere to corporate standards, and then use metadata to quickly generate dozens of packages to populate your dimensions and facts. Stop spending weeks developing SSIS packages that can be built in hours! You won’t want to miss this session that will get your boss to say “I don’t think we’re paying you enough!”



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