Save an Excel table as a SharePoint List

Quick post today, but really handy. I recently had a list of values that I needed to save as a list on a SharePoint BI site. The good news is that this is much easier than I originally thought to accomplish.

To demonstrate, I’ll start by opening up Excel and creating a table. I’m just going to use a table of some clubs at a university. My excel table looks like so:



Make sure your list is formatted as a table, by going to Home->Format As Table if it’s not already. Next, on the Design tab in the ribbon when you have the table selected got to Export->Export Table to SharePoint list.



Specify the URL of your SharePoint site, and give your list a name.


Click Finish, and excel will begin generating the list to SharePoint. It may take a few minutes, depending on the size of your list. Once it’s finished, excel will give you a message saying that it’s complete and give you a link to the list location it created:



Click on the link, and your list is generated! If you want it to show on the Quick Launch bar, in SharePoint go to List->List Settings. Under List General Information, click on List Name, Description, and Navigation. The last option on the page is Display this list on the Quick Launch?. Change it to yes and click Save.





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