SharePoint: Performing a site collection backup

SharePoint sites, like databases, need to be backed up in case of issues that may arise during production. This way, if your SharePoint server unexpectedly crashes, you won’t lose your site with it. The good news is that it is really simple to backup a site collection in SharePoint 2013.


To start, open Central Administration. On the right hand column, about halfway down, is the Backup and Restore section of Central Administration.



Click on “Perform a site collection backup”, and the Site Collection Backup screen will appear. Select the site collection you wish to backup, and then specify the full file path and location that you want to backup your site to. At the end of the filepath, you want to put the name of the backup file you want to call it, and append it with the backup extension, .bak. The completed screen would appear like the below:



If the file already exists, check the “Overwrite existing file” option. Then click the Start Backup option at the bottom of the page on the right. Once the backup job status screen appears, you can refresh it periodically and ensure that your backup is successful.




There we have it, a successful site collection backup in SharePoint!


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