SSAS Tabular: Transactional Deployment

SSAS has long performed deployment and processing as two very separate occurrences, that happen independently of each other. However, in tabular databases, there is a property that allows you to override this default behavior and tell SSAS to treat them as one process together. For developers, this is great news, as we can now tell SSAS to roll back the deployment if processing fails. The default behavior, with transactional deployment set to false, is that deployment can succeed before a process. What this means is that if you deploy a project successfully, but the processing then fails, you are left with an SSAS project that is unable to be browsed by any users until you can re-successfully process again.


To turn on this feature, right click on the project, and change the Transactional Deployment property from false to true. This option exists in both multidimensional and tabular solutions.






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