SSIS: Package has a different protection level than the project

Today I was playing around with BIML a bit and I got an interesting error message when I went to execute my package during testing. The error that popped up was:

Error    1    Project consistency check failed. The following inconsistencies were detected:     Test BIML Package.dtsx has a different ProtectionLevel than the project.         0    0    “

I checked the properties of the package I generated by clicking on the control flow, going to properties, and looking under ProtectionLevel:


Then I right clicked on the project level and went to properties to check the protection level of the project:


That checked out ok, so I thought I should check the other packages as well. I opened up another package in the project and checked the protection level:


Bingo. I changed the protection level to “EncryptSensitivewithUserKey”, saved it, and reran my original package. Interestingly, when I was running my package I right-clicked on it, and clicked Execute, not clicking the play debugger at the top. In 2012, since all packages are really just containers under a parent project group, the consistency check must apply to all packages in the project. I’ll have to remember that for the future.


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