Power Pivot: Adding tooltips to your Power View report

In Excel 2013, did you know that you can make descriptions available to users as they’re browsing the model in Power View? I recently discovered this, and thought it was a really nice feature that you can use to add some extensibility to your Power View reports. In this blog post, I’d like to walk through and show how easy it is to get this set up for use in your environment.


Let’s start with a blank Excel workbook, and open up the Power Pivot window:





Let’s import some data into Power Pivot. For this example, I’m just going to import in the Internet Sales table from Adventure Works:




Now that it is loaded, find the UnitPrice column and right click on it. Look for the Description field.



Select it, and the Description dialog window will appear. Type in “The price per unit that was charged.” and click OK. That’s it! Now let’s see it in action. Switch back over to excel view, and insert a Power View sheet.




Expand the Internet Sales table, and hover over the Unit Price column that you added the description to.




Your description now shows as a tooltip for report users to navigate and get additional information around. What’s even better, is this works exactly the same way in a tabular database when you’re building it. To demonstrate, open up the Adventure Works tabular database in 2012, and find the Internet Sales table again. Find the Unit Price column, right click and go to description.




In description, type in “The price per unit that was charged.” and click OK. Then build and deploy your solution. After it finishes deploying, open up Excel and connect to your tabular database.




After you click Finish, select Power View report under the Import Data dialog box and click Ok.




After your Power View sheet, open up the table list and find the Unit Price column again. Notice that your description can be implemented as a tooltip this way too.





That’s all for now! Short blog post, but very useful!


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