Perspectives in Tabular

A really nifty feature that I personally have always liked in traditional SSAS multi-dimensional models are perspectives. Perspectives are subsets of the cube that can be used to just show certain portions of it. (like views in the transactional world) If you have a large cube of multiple measure groups, it sometimes makes sense to limit what is viewed by a business user at a certain time. After all, if I’m reporting off of a cube and only need 1 small piece of information out of a measure group, why pull back everything? Tabular databases offer this same functionality. In the Adventure Works tabular database I’m currently working in, I have two “measure groups”, consisting of Internet Sales and Reseller Sales. In this example, I am going to create a perspective so when I am connecting to my model in excel I can only select internet sales if that’s what I’m reporting on:


I start by going up to Model on the menu bar, and selecting “Perspectives”



Once I click on Perspectives, I get the Perspectives window, which looks like:




Clicking on “New Perspective”, I get a new column which enables me to give my perspective a name and then select which tables or fields I want to see. In this example, I only want to see the Internet Sales, date, and Sales Territory tables:



Then I click Ok and reprocess. Now when I connect in excel I can see just my perspective as an option:




Pretty cool!


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