Windows could not start the SQL Server Analysis Services Default Service

So today I was firing up my vm to do some work with Analysis Services Multidimensional. I booted it up, opened up SSMS, and went to connect to my AS instance. Then I received a pretty straightforward error message:



Ok, I thought, no big deal. Start –> Administrative Tools –> Services, find the service and start it.


After clicking Start, I then got this error message:




Wait, what? Not nearly as helpful or straightforward as my last one. Well, that’s interesting. Windows couldn’t start, huh? I right clicked on the Service, went to properties –> Log On, and verified the account SSAS was configured to run as. When an Analysis Services instance starts, it’s actually looking for a file called msmdsrv.exe located in $InstallDir\Microsoft SQL Server\MSAS11.MSSQLSERVER\OLAP\bin. I went to this folder in explorer, right clicked and went to properties –> Security, and made sure my service account had the appropriate permissions (in which this case it didn’t), then went back to services and attempted to start the service again. Success!


The strange thing is that it worked fine up until just before this when I installed a new instance of tabular on this machine, and that instance starts and runs fine. It seems that during the install of the new instance permissions were reset on the folder during install causing my service account to be removed from the proper security permissions.


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